Friday, April 28, 2006

Robot fun

I finished my robot. Yay! It took me a while but he has feet now and his antennae is attached. I had been wanting to make my son a robot stuffie for a while. I planned for it to be more snuggly. But then I saw Hillary's robots and couldn't resist embellishing this one with everything I could find. It was a very fun project and my son does love it, but I won't let him play with it. I am planning on making another one, larger and more kid friendy, as well a rocket for him. I'm considering using fleece, minky or even real felt. But wool felt might make him itch, so I'm not sure.

His back. I probably went waaaaayyyyy overboard but it was tons of fun.

April's Tie One On

For the month of April, the theme for Tie One On was yellow and white. I cannot tell you how hard it was to not throw some red in it or maybe just a little green. But I did it. I finished last Friday before I got hurt. Today is the first day where I can comfortably get around enough to take pics. (But I'm still wearing pajamas because its easier so no pics on me.) So its hanging in my kitchen.

Close up of the kanzashi flower detail. I learned how to make them on craftster. I had planned on doing an elaborate embroidered something but decided that simpler would be better.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Stuff to keep me entertained while I'm stuck on the couch

I stumbled upon this while trying to find a popup free site meter for my site: Mini room maker It also has links to other fun sites such as making a robot (which I could not get to work) and A Hello Kitty Room site where you decorate a Hello Kitty room.

Traveling in Sicily

Read all about my lovely trip to the scenic Piazza Armerina. Lovingly and creatively written by my husband. Please forgive his spelling and fact errors. :D

Learn why:
My good leg is quickly becoming my not so good leg.
I'm beginning to think my house is too big.
Peeing is a real bitch.
Crutches should not be given to already clumsy people.
My serger is calling to me, but even if I could get to it, I wouldn't have any fabric nearby yo use, so it sits there unused and sad.
I was carried upside down up the stairs to bed. (Not as fun as it sounds.)

Plus, see pretty pictures!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Facing my fears

My sweet husband bought me a serger for my birthday. It arrived about 2 weeks ago and it has been sitting in the box taunting me. Taunting I say. Because as much as I have been wanting one for forever, it scared the living crap out of me. Its big and has tons of thread and it has a knife!!! So I've put it off since the day I got it, though to be fair, I have been really busy, busier than normal.
Today I got off my heiney and opened it. I read the manual and read a book I bought about it. And I used it. Boy was I scared!!! But I used it and I think I'm a new woman. How did I ever live without it. It takes my flaws in cutting and gets rid of them!!! I am in love. What will my husband say? I think I will name it Serge-io. hahaha.
So why am I not serging right now? Why to rub it in all of my hypothetical readers' faces. And because *cough* Gilmore Girls is on.

So I will multi-task and cut the fabric for my son's quilt.

Which is also another fear of mine. Not the actual piecing together or even quilting, but cutting the fabric.
The red robot fabric will be the center squares of a log cabin pattern and the back. The black rocket fabric is for the strips in between each block. And then there's the blues and the greens (the other robot one-top right corner, I'm calling green.) But I'm going for it.

Dang, I think I've seen this episode.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Craftster swaps

I just participated in the Hair adornment swap at craftster. I received my goodies today and my partner received hers sometime this weekend.
This is what I sent to my partner:

Here's what I received:



I feel like a bad swap partner now. She sent me so much!! To be fair, I sent her a bunch of Italian cookies and candies.

I just signed up for the Kid Swap Round 3. My son had so much fun helping me open my package, so I want him to get stuff for my next swap. I think it will be tons of fun.

I try to keep my blog very craft focused but I'm considering adding more personal stuff. I wonder if it would make it more or less interesting?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sock monkey

This will be in my son's easter basket in the morning. Not bad for a first try, but not at all perfect. His tail is too short, his arms too long, but he's pretty cute anyways.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday Blues

So I missed yesterday's Monday Yellows started by Mav at Port2Port. But here's some blues:

My snowboard that I have to put away for the season. *Sniffle*

Beach findings. I like to pretend the tiles are old artifacts instead of litter.