Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More craft challenges/-a-longs

Sometimes I get in a craft slump, where I'm unmotivated and can't do anything right. Craft challenges are just what I need to help me.

monthly apron challenge This month's theme is to make one out of old clothes. I have one already done and I plan on doing another, more original one. My first was inspired from Kitsch n glam, which is a great site. Mine is made from an old skirt and the collar of a men's dress shirt. My second attempt will be a half apron made from 2 men's dress shirts.

Craftster currently has a few interesting craft-a-longs. (No direct links due to the site being down for maintenance as I type this.)
*Wardrobe revamp - Each month has a different theme. January was bottoms. (I only fixed a few pairs of pants, but to me that counts!)
*Housewares - Again, every month has a list of suggested projects.
*Bag a month - The goal is to make a purse of any kind each month.
*Quilt block a month - Two quilt blocks are listed and you can choose one or both.
*Jewelry tutorial - Tutorials are posted for new techniques to try.
*Anthropologie knock-off sew-a-long - The goal for this one is to choose an item from this over-priced store and make it yourself. (I have already done a few and I have more planned.)

Now I have more projects planned than I know how to get done. A few I have planned are:
*Purse made from oil cloth lined with vintage fabric
*Pegboard with a classic pop art design painted on it.
*Log cabin quilt for my son Cale for his 2nd birthday.
*Embroidered and applique on a hoodie
*Embroidered panels for bathroom hand towels
*Landscape painting
*Cover mirror frame with seashells and another with silver leaf
*PLUS Valentines/Anniversary gifts for my sweetie which have to remain secret!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Thinking outside the circle

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Have a cop in your life who you would like to be your valentine? Me neither. Nothing says loving like deep fried dough.

I had the hankering for donuts last night so I made some this morning. My mom used to just roll out a pack of store bought biscuits and use a large glass for the outside and a medicine cup for the hole. I looked in my kitchen and spied a heart cookie cutter and knew I had to use it. Unfortunately I don't have a tiny heart for the inside so it was round. I used a recipe I found online using bisquick but they're really cake-y, not at all the fatty goodness I was craving. So next time I think I will use my mom's way. I sprinkled confectioner's sugar on them instead of a glaze but I think a pink tinted glaze would have been lovely.

It could also work for other things like french toast or regular toast. If you have the cool metal ones you can use them for eggs and pancakes.

Hopefully your valentine actually likes donuts. I guess my son liked them though.

Cute valentines

Brought to you by Young American Comics

I bought some of these to give to my sweetie. Too cute to pass up. I normally make one for him but I really liked these.

Cool craft challenge

I saw the link to this on Craftster. It looks like fun so I think I will participate.
For the January challenge, I think I will use an existing project in progess and finish it. The criteria inspires me in a way I had not previously thought of.
Beverage themed containing RED and something sparkly.
Should be fun.