Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A few things

*I love mint flavored chocolate as much as I love pumpkin flavored anything. Oh the holidays are good for something! (Weight gain???)

*I will be moving. My blog anyways. Even with the changes that Blogger Beta has (which by the way I barely notice!!!), blogger still stinks. I need more, Blogger. So I'm moving to wordpress. This will cause a fight between my husband and me, but its okay. He spent countless hours about a year ago setting up a wordpress blog for us. He put it on his server though and its just not stable enough for me to want to use it. Anyways, I'm using the version that's hosted by wordpress. So far it looks great. Lots of neat options like categories and pretty layouts. I'll make another post when its all complete and ready.


Blogger capello said...

let me know how building the site goes.

i'm going to building a wordpress gluten-free cooking site soon. and i am terrified of "building" it.

7:59 PM  
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