Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This n that

Today while doing research on my upcoming trip, I read a thread on a forum that indirectly said that my husband was "a little tyrant" and "a control freak." Haha. That made my day. I can't wait to tell him.

I haven't been feeling well lately. I think its part illness and part I-f***ed-up-my-latest-craft. So actually its pretty nice, but it was supposed to be a gift for my sister's new baby who is a boy. It turned out a tad girly though. So back to the drawing board. My "little tyrant" husband pointed this out to me last night as I finished. Is there anyway to do embroidery in a non girly way? I had printed out a beautiful vintage pattern and used it. My sister is more of a ghetto fabulous kind of girl than punker so Sublime Stitching is out. I may just stick to freezer paper stencils. I'll post pics after they are given to her. She looks at my flickr site regularly. Luckily, I have a friend who is pregnant with a girl who will be getting extra baby shirts. :D

Another project I have in mind is for another pregnant friend. She's really sick and tired all the time so I just want to cheer her up. So I decided to make her some bath bombs, a rice hot bag, and a bag to store candy in. If time permits, I may make her some capri pants from a t shirt as well. I love those and they're so easy.

I'm trying to get my house ready to go. I just want it clean and organized so that it's pleasant to come back to. I rearranged my living room and my bedroom (and broke my bed.) I was so proud of myself, until I woke up in a bed that was collapsed in the middle. Luckily my husband fixed it.

Looks like we may be spending the weekend looking at The rocks of the Cyclops while my husband does some diving. It will be kind of annoying because although we're on the coast, there's no beach. And that lady instructor with the perfect body who has a daughter Cale's age and speaks 3 languages fluently. :D But there's always capo's and wine. Maybe I'll take some knitting or something.


Anonymous Angela said...

You're quite industrious! I always get bummed when I mess up a project. Ah well, you can fix it someway.
Hope you have a nice trip and disregard she with a perfect body. You crack me up.

7:27 PM  

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