Friday, August 25, 2006

The Case of the Missing Blogger

starring Emy Lou (Kind of rhymes with Nancy Drew...Use your imagination, people).

My computer crashed and it has taken this long for my husband to figure out a way to get my info off of it and make it work again. For how long is the question. So after that it looks like I will be using his computer which I hate. Oh well.

Lots of computer free time + hot ass month = lots and lots of crafting. I really missed reading blogs but I kind of enjoyed the extra time as well. So maybe I need to designate a few days a week "computer free".

Lots of stuff coming up for us. In September, I will be watching my friend's 5 month old. I'm hoping this will help convince me that I can handle a second child. :D
In October, we're flying home to good old Norfolk. I have lots of thrifting planned, plus stocking up on stuff like apple butter (the kind from small farm stands), thread, zippers, and stuff for Cale. I wonder if I can smuggle a quart of house paint home in my suitcase. Its so expensive here! I'm hoping to get a day or two in Norfolk, then we plan on driving down to Pensacola. I want to take the "scenic route" and hit towns like Savannah, Charleston SC, and Jacksonville. These all seem like good options for places to live when we move from here. I don't know what the future holds, but I want to be knowledgable on my options when it comes to it.

I'll try to photograph everything I've made recently. And I promise to post more in the future. Hopefully I still have a few readers. :D


Blogger capello said...

I'm still here! (I love bloglines.)

Sounds like a VERY fun trip you have planned. I'd love to travel the south in the autumn.

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Angela said...

You know I'm still here! Glad to hear from you. Look forward to seeing your crafting.

10:01 PM  

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