Friday, June 23, 2006


Usually if I'm not blogging, that means I've been crafting. And I have. A lot. Like a crafting spree. I have a 2 hour time frame during naptime that I use to do what I want, and another 2 hours after we put Cale to bed. Sometimes I get a little extra time if my husband is home and watches Cale for me. No pictures today but they're coming soon I promise.

I received my Potholder Princess prize a few days ago but I have not had time to take a picture of me wearing the crown. (My husband hasn't been home much, and he's my picture taker, when its of me.) I feel bad too. The prize was great, but I was asked to not show it, so sorry no pictures.

Other than crafting a lot, I have been working on our newsletter for MOMS Club. Its my first one and it's taking me a while. I'm frustrated with the lack of help I have received on it so it's last priority for me right now.

Here's a link for a very, very easy sewing project. I made it in about 30 minutes. You take a large tshirt and turn it into comfy capri pants by using the armholes for the crotch. It's genius! So simple too. I bought a new tshirt for the occasion because I wanted a plain pair of pants. I bought XXL but a Large probably would have sufficed. Mine are a little big in the waist, but once I fix that, they will be perfect. Because I used such a large shirt, the legs are wider.

Pictures coming soon, I promise!


Anonymous angela said...

WHAAAA? You get 4 hours a day to do whatever???? Looking forward to seeing all your creations. 8-)

6:56 PM  
Blogger capello said...


Do you think your husband will come over and watch my kids? Please? Pretty please? Pretty-pretty please with a cherry on top?

Fine, then. But I sill would like to see those pictures.

(And hey, with your bestest of bestest friends ::cough, cough:: you can always take a picture of your prize and email it.)

4:37 PM  
Blogger Saucy said...

I like making things out of tee shirts and sweat shirts. I just blogged the cushions I made for my husband's den, come have a look.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous aoi said...

That's a great idea! I've been wanting a plain pair of capris, but I can't find any that I'd like to buy. Maybe this is my solution. Thanks!

2:29 AM  

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