Thursday, June 08, 2006

Kid stuff swap 3

I participated in the kid stuff swap 3 at Craftster and my partner has received. As usual I was left with swap anxiety, but I'm really really pleased with everything I made for my partner.

A freezer paper stencil. This is perhaps my favorite thing. It was supposed to be a simple 3 part stencil, but it ended up being 6 parts. The first coat of red looked pink, so it has 2 coats. The blue circle was not part of the original design but it really adds a lot.

I made a name banner out of felt for the child. (My partner asked not to use his name on the internet so this is the only picture I took.) I was inspired by this Happy Birthday bannerat Mahar Dry Goods. A name banner just seemed like a better use. It sure seems like a lot of work for just one day!

I made a reversible smock. One side features Curious George (or Monkey George as Cale affectionately calls him.) The other features 3 Thomas trains. Cale has no idea who Thomas is, just that he's a train. I had to keep this out of site or it would have disappeared. :D

A backpack to put everything in. And to to lug around favorite toys and books.

And some collage art that was tons fo fun to make. Something about cutting and gluing paper is so therapeutic. Maybe it reminds me of the good old days in kindergarten.

I should probably get my stuff sometime next week. I'm excited for Cale.

Everything I made received the same comment from my husband: "Are you going to make Cale one of those?" Um, maybe next month.

He got a rather strange package from my dad yesterday. It contained a giant coloring book (which I knew about), a gnome (Cale calls him Ho-Ho because he thinks he's Santa Claus), some pictures, a letter and a poster of a Budweiser girl. The weird part is that my day signed the picture to my husband. I'm sorry Dad, but no one writes as bad as you, so its quite obvious who signed it. :D So now I'm going to call him Gina. We have always joked about him being both our Dad and Mom because he raised us by himself....


Blogger capello said...

Everything you made is awesome!

And my husband is the same way, "are you gonna make one for us?"

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