Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So many ideas, so little time

This month has been pretty busy for me. The swap has been fun and I'm so glad I'm done with everything. But I think it may be a while before I do anymore. I've decided that June will be the Month of Me.
Like I said, I'm done with my swap stuff, but I cannot start any new projects and it is so frustrating because there is so much stuff I am aching to do. We just bought a new desk and right now its sitting in our hallway (thank goodness its extra wide!!) waiting for us to clean out the room so it can be moved in. I think I have the easier part than my husband. All I have to do is box some stuff out and move it out so it can be moved back in and then organize. But he has to unhook all of the computer stuff, and then set it all back up. I *hate* doing that kind of stuff. We bought a giant L shaped desk with plans of each one of us taking one side. I needed more room for my serger and sewing machine, so they could live together and stay set up, easy to use.
So the reorganization of my craft room awaits me tonight. Today I have a craft class with MOM's club. I'm teaching freezer paper stencils. Yesterday was spent cutting out about 10 designs because I know I'm not dealing with the craftiest people. The rest of the day will be spent on base for a doctor appointment.
This weekend we're going camping. I dread the packing for it, but it should be fun. I may take something portable so I can craft there. Either knitting or embroidery. Or both. And definitely a sketch pad.
I have a huge art project that I have been planning and have had no time to work on it either. Luckily the excitement for it hasn't waned.

I hope everyone else is getting more craft time for themselves!!!


Blogger capello said...

I know just what you mean on taking the time to work on projects for yourself... I need to do the same. I've been working on the family scrapbooks lately (and it's making me feel a lot better, making a lot of headway), but I need to sew something, just for me, just to feel the material in my hands and do something already.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Angela said...

Big plans for yourself are sometimes good. Month of me June sounds great. I hope the MOM's class goes well and that you have a great time camping!

6:16 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Good luck with the class...and enjoy the Month of You!

3:52 AM  

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