Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bad Mom Day and Cale's New Hair

So I'm having a Bad Mom Day. Surely I can't be the only one who has these. The ones where you wonder what the hell you are doing wrong for your kid to be so bad, because surely its your fault.

This was before we cut his hair. He asked me to make it pretty.

This was taken today before playgroup. Surely this doesn't look like the face of a bully. But it is. He went from wanting to hold a baby and being loving to her and then ten minutes later he pushed a girl down from a chair. She fell and hit her head on a tile floor. This is the second time he has done something that really hurt someone (not counting me.) This week has been bad. Throwing stuff, talking back, making messes and now this. Right now he's supposed to be taking a nap and he's upstairs screaming.

I'm at a loss. How did my kid get so bad? What have I taught him? Maybe its something I haven't taught him. I keep telling him and telling him to be nice to his friends. We had a long talk today about it, but I feel like it made no difference.
By the way, I made his shorts. Without a pattern. They're a little funny but they look cute on him. Patterns have been ordered and I will soon start making his clothes. This is due to him being a skinny bones, not me being a control freak Martha Stewart mama. :D


Blogger capello said...

Oh, I remember Griffin's bully days well. Not only did he not listen, it was like he had no empathy and couldn't even begin to digest what I was telling him.

It was so hard.

We still have our bad days, don't get me wrong, but things are getting better. I think it just took time for us both to grow into our roles.

Hang in there.

(Of course, being that cute doesn't help the situation at all, does it?)

3:12 PM  
Anonymous wende said...

I'm here from Whip It.

Advice from strangers on the Internet should be taken with a grain of salt--and ordinarily I wouldn't comment. But my nine year old was a piece of work at that age. "Raising Your Spirited Child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka saved our sanity.

Hang in there! :)

7:48 AM  

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