Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Living and Dining Rooms

For Angela. Late but better than never!

Really bad pic of my living room but you get the idea. I'll post again once we get new couches in a few months.

How it looked today. We picked up another train set today for $5. This thing is HUGE, but Cale had tons of fun.

My dining room. This was taken a long time ago, but this is still pretty much how it looks.

The hutch has been reorganized several times. I think it will be repainted either aqua or mint green in the next few weeks.

2 of my favorite things from inside the hutch. Sicilian souviniers of Sicilian carts. I love the color. And look at the little bitty one. Awwwwwww.

One of my less pretty corners. Cale's picnic table and easel.

And even less pretty. The Star Wars table. Cale has no idea what Star Wars even is, so surely he won't mind if I redo it in pretty oilcloth right? He uses this table for tea parties with his bunny (not pictured) and Monkey George (he doesn't sit well on a chair, so he sits on the table).
Be glad I left out the corner that houses the recycle bin and giant dry erase board filled with the list of all lists.

Coming soon, post of what I've been up to lately, craft wise. But first check out this crazy thing:

This is growing on what I thought was a zucchini plant. However this looks like no zucchini I have ever seen. Zucchini are about this color here, but I've never seen a pointy one. And I have never seen one so large. We thought it was funny looking when it was a foot long. Now its longer than my arm and still growing. We joke that we can feed the entire block with this thing. The plant itself is pretty scary too. It has taken over my entire garden and we often say its only a matter of time before its knocking on the door. Comparisons to Little Shop of Horrors are often made.
I'll let you know how it tastes when we harvest it (and if we mutate....)


Anonymous Angela said...

Hey, late is good with me! I like your space...your living room carpet is very cool and also your funky dining room. I like it. ;-)
It's good that Cale has his own space, no matter what they look like. Thanks for sharing.

10:02 PM  
Blogger MéLisa said...

So are you saying that you live near a nuclear waste plant or something? That is one freaky looking zucchini! If it glows in the dark I would advise against eating it! ;)

Glad that you are back & thanks for sharing your "spaces"!

8:36 PM  

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