Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

This is really starting to become a travel journal! I guess its good to see that I'm not a crafting robot. Nothing crafty was done all weekend.

Although our plans to go to San Capo Lo Vito were ruined by toxic algae, we decided to not let that stop us from having fun. So Sunday, we packed up and headed to Cefalu. We also ended up seeing Caccamo, Patti, Tyndiri, and Isole Bella.

Highlights from our trip:
*Leaving home
*Pretty stress free driving for most of the way
*Beautiful beaches
*Sandy beaches - so soft on my feet. As a bonus it exfoliated my dry skin as well!
*Having a shower at the hotel with a removable shower head to wash away sand from unmentionable parts of the body...
*Italian mentality about the body- I love it in a way, because no matter what size you are, or how old you are, its perfectly acceptable to wear bikinis.
*Hibiscus plants. I've never seen them grow to tree proportions.
*Pasta alla norma. I love eggplant so much.
*Gelato. We had watermelon. It tasted more like peaches, but had watermelon seeds and stained Cale's face.
*Yummy panini's from gas stations.
*Getting to go to Patti to the Caleca factory and buy pottery.
*Getting home with said pottery and finding out that a few pieces were made for Williams and Sonoma and I only paid 5 euro for each piece.
*Visiting Isole Bella. I love this beach the most. Its a pebble beach though. Which is both good and bad. Bad for the feet, good because you feel cleaner. And pebbles are pretty.
*Coming home.

Lower points of the trip:
*Going to the castle, but it was closed.
*Sandy beaches- leave you feeling dirty.
*Stevie No Pants - My name for this little boy who ran up to us with his little peepee flapping in the wind. Cale was very confused why this little boy had no pants on. So was I....
*An awful night of sleep. We slept in a double bed with Cale... who snores, kicks, hits and bed hogs.
*A million tolls.
*Even more tunnels, some very long.
*Trying not to puke as we drove through all those tunnels and down windy roads with my dear husband driving a million miles an hour.
*Not being able to find a bancomat (ATM) in Isole Bella or Giardini Naxos.
*20 euro for a lido! (A lido is a private beach where you pay for 2 chairs and un umbrella. We normally pay 10 euro or less.)
*Unpacking. And the laundry that will come from it.
*Knowing that Summer is almost over. Just when I started enjoying it.

Today I started watching my friend's 2 children. It is so much harder than I thought. I'm hoping it gets easier though. I thought it would be my kid who was the hardest. Turns out its the baby. It seems that I forgot everything I used to know. Cale has been great with her. It makes me so proud.


Anonymous Angela said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend even with the few low points. You guys are having such a great experience over there...even if there is no thrifting!
Hope the babysitting gets easier!

12:42 PM  
Blogger capello said...

Mmmm... watermellon gellato and exfoliated skin. Can't beat that!

7:25 PM  
Blogger *s* said...

Glad your weekend was good too :) My plates are a light green, but not really green, so I guess they might be aqua, though, when I think of aqua I think of a more bluish green. So... I guess I don't know what color they are. lol... Snowboarding would be fun I bet, if you know how. I've only been once, and I kept falling every two feet, hehe... Maybe this will be our chance to learn. I like embroidery too. It's another thing I used to do with my grandma all the time. I haven't done any in a long time though. I'm just now getting back into my crafting. Til now, Carlee was still too demanding, but now she's getting to that age where she'll play with her toys by herself. YAY! :D

8:44 AM  

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