Saturday, September 30, 2006

Last Weekend

Yeah, I know, a little late. But we took really pretty pictures.
Although I had a ton to do, my husband bribed me to go with him. He promised we would go look at furniture. So I went.
Acitrezza Collage
And it was beautiful, despite the heat. Our camera's battery was dying so we didn't get many pictures. Kevin got to scuba dive and we played on the boat. Cale met a new friend. It was a pretty nice day.
Later that night, we went on a search for a furniture store that sells B & B Italia Furniture. I knew that it was really nice. I also knew that most of the time, stuff made in Italy is about half the price as what it goes for in the states. Not knowing the price of these couches, this logic told me that we could afford them. So we went looking. The first place we ran across was just the outlet. Nothing really caught our eye. But there was a sign showing where the showroom was. So we followed those directions and finally found it. We went in to what we assumed was the right place. And we found a couch that we really liked. But I noticed that it was a different brand, so I asked him where the B & B Italia furniture was. He told me that it was right beside his shop. So we went in, after finally figuring out where the entrance was.
I should have known what would happen when we were greeted by a host who asked if we wanted stuff to drink. He even offered granita! I also should have known when I looked around and saw my dream chair, the Kartell Ghost Chair. But I was in designer furniture heaven. I had furniture orgasms. Yes its true.
So we found a couch we liked and went and sat down to get the price. Okay, any time you have to ask for the price and it has to be calculated, it's too much, Emy!!! That eff-ing couch cost 6000 euro! For 4 18inch pillows, it was 500 euro! So every bit of furniture goodness that I had got kicked out of me when he told me the price.
Luckily we really do like the first couch better. And it will be ours soon.

The next morning his dive was canceled so we went home and worked around the house. Then we had dinner with friends. So it was a great weekend.

This one has been spent at my sewing machine so far. We leave tomorrow and I can't wait.
Another post will be coming after I make dinner.


Blogger capello said...

Sounds like a lovely time!

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you in Aci Riale in Sicily . I mean the picture of your son? I too have furniture from Italy. The cost of the bedroom set I got there w. marble top nightstand & dresser was the cost of a car hear in the states. lulu

3:43 PM  

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