Saturday, September 30, 2006


Or crap-tacular? :D
Recent crafting
From the top L-R.
1. Baby gifts for my sister. I am going to go ahead and give her the stuff that I thought was too girly. I worked hard on it, dammit! Embroidered and freezer-paper-stenciled onesies and shirts, a quilted bib and a card I made from a kit.

2. Necklaces for a few people. The red heart one is made of resin embedded with glitter. The others are made of seaglass that I found in Sicily. It was my first try at wrapping stuff with wire. I like them a lot.

3. Wee Wonderfuls Kitty and an elephant purse. The purse was something I saw in a vintage craft book. I'll have to scan some of those wacky projects sometime! The kitty is for my neice and the purse is for my best friend. I love giving her weird stuff that I make.

4. Shirts for an older neice. One is embroidered and one is freezer paper stenciled.

2nd row:
1. Capri pants from a t-shirt. This is one of the easiest things in the world to make. I made it in under an hour. It's also for my neice.

2. (center) My friend is pregnant and not feeling too well. Her husband gets sent away a lot lately and so I know its kind of rough right now. So I made her a Feel Better Kit. I made lavender scented milk bath, a rice heat bag, lavender scented bath bombs, and a bag to keep candy in at work. Its the only thing that kept the nausea away for me.

3. A purse I made today. After seeing this, I knew I had to make one. It's a purse for embroidery tools. I made a few alterations though.

3rd Row:
1. The inside of the purse. I didn't do the clear vinyl because its such a pain to work with. And who really only has 15 things of thread? So I made a big pocket instead, a place for tracing tools, and my needle case is also a pocket.

2. Button detail. I had some of those really cool buttons that you can line with fabric so I used those.

Last row:
1. I made a passport case. (Although sadly it won't be used for this trip. We have tons of paperwork that needs to be shown all the time too.)

2. The inside. Patchwork pocket (can you tell I'm loving patchworks), lots of pockets. We have 2 sets of passports so I made 2 pockets to keep them seperate. I also included a notebook, because its so necessary for me to have something to write on.

3. Remember when I said that nothing I made with resin was too impressive yet? Well, it was kind of not true. The leaves are resin and the cherries are made of polymer clay. I painted them with nail polish so they would be nice and glittery too. I made one for myself and another for a friend who I hope to meet in Florida.

4. A quilted cuff. I have been admiring these all over the place, so I finally made my own. It's quite popular I guess, because my husband and son have kidnapped it.

PS. Sorry this is all "Look at me, Look at me, I make pretty stuff." I've had to to make time pass. And now it has. I'll miss all my blog friends. :D


Blogger capello said...

Puh-lease. If I made all that stuff, I'd be all HEY! LOOK WHAT I DID! LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!

11:51 PM  
Blogger *s* said...

Wow, the crafts look awesome. I love the kitty cat. :) Cale's pic is so cute. Geez, I don't stop by your site for a few days and look at how much I missed! hehe. Hope your flight went well, and you make it safe and sound to the states (hopefully not too stressed out). Panic attacks suck. I dealt with them a lot in Florida. Moving here helped mine, but I know if/when we try to travel they will probably come back. Anyways, enjoy your trip! See you when you get back. :)

9:36 PM  
Blogger MiMi said...

Wow! Those are really gorgeous gifts. do you by any chance sell discounted craft?

10:23 AM  

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