Friday, January 20, 2006

Thinking outside the circle

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Have a cop in your life who you would like to be your valentine? Me neither. Nothing says loving like deep fried dough.

I had the hankering for donuts last night so I made some this morning. My mom used to just roll out a pack of store bought biscuits and use a large glass for the outside and a medicine cup for the hole. I looked in my kitchen and spied a heart cookie cutter and knew I had to use it. Unfortunately I don't have a tiny heart for the inside so it was round. I used a recipe I found online using bisquick but they're really cake-y, not at all the fatty goodness I was craving. So next time I think I will use my mom's way. I sprinkled confectioner's sugar on them instead of a glaze but I think a pink tinted glaze would have been lovely.

It could also work for other things like french toast or regular toast. If you have the cool metal ones you can use them for eggs and pancakes.

Hopefully your valentine actually likes donuts. I guess my son liked them though.


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