Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More craft challenges/-a-longs

Sometimes I get in a craft slump, where I'm unmotivated and can't do anything right. Craft challenges are just what I need to help me.

monthly apron challenge This month's theme is to make one out of old clothes. I have one already done and I plan on doing another, more original one. My first was inspired from Kitsch n glam, which is a great site. Mine is made from an old skirt and the collar of a men's dress shirt. My second attempt will be a half apron made from 2 men's dress shirts.

Craftster currently has a few interesting craft-a-longs. (No direct links due to the site being down for maintenance as I type this.)
*Wardrobe revamp - Each month has a different theme. January was bottoms. (I only fixed a few pairs of pants, but to me that counts!)
*Housewares - Again, every month has a list of suggested projects.
*Bag a month - The goal is to make a purse of any kind each month.
*Quilt block a month - Two quilt blocks are listed and you can choose one or both.
*Jewelry tutorial - Tutorials are posted for new techniques to try.
*Anthropologie knock-off sew-a-long - The goal for this one is to choose an item from this over-priced store and make it yourself. (I have already done a few and I have more planned.)

Now I have more projects planned than I know how to get done. A few I have planned are:
*Purse made from oil cloth lined with vintage fabric
*Pegboard with a classic pop art design painted on it.
*Log cabin quilt for my son Cale for his 2nd birthday.
*Embroidered and applique on a hoodie
*Embroidered panels for bathroom hand towels
*Landscape painting
*Cover mirror frame with seashells and another with silver leaf
*PLUS Valentines/Anniversary gifts for my sweetie which have to remain secret!!


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