Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March is National Craft Month

And although I missed the first 5 days due to planning and having my son's 2nd birthday party, I plan on crafting every day this month.

A little inspiration:
Project Spectrum the colors this month are pink and red. A few things I've been planning can fit into this.

Craftster craftalongs
Use it or lose it Using your previously unused tools (I'm guilty of this.)
Housewares This month's theme is plant related items, such as vases or planters
Wardrobe revamp This month's theme is dresses, the one I've been waiting for.

Jennifer at the Felt Mousedesignated this month as Work in progress month. This is the most important thing to me. I have tons of unfinished projects and yesterday I completed 3. Two were very simple and took mere seconds to finish, but the last one was a but more difficult. I have been working on a dress for 3 years, since before I got pregnant with my now 2 year old son. I finished it last night and nothing feels sweeter.

I'm going to try to incorporate these ideas together and see what I get. I've also added spring shirts to the list since I am unable to find any in stores I like.


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