Monday, February 06, 2006

A few things I have been working on

I hung my art in my dining room. I like it hung a lot better than I thought I would.
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I made a sign for outside. Its collaged. I am in love with it. Now if I can only get it to stop falling...
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A hoodie. Appliqued and embroidered. I'm not done yet, but it is wearable now. I plan on doing some assymetrical swirls between the birds and below them.
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a close up. The fabric has swirls as well.
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Not too crafty but it makes me happy. We bought FLOR tiles from Urban Outfitters (only people who would ship to us!) and they're laid down. They aren't stuck down yet though. I was hoping we wouldn't have to, but it looks like we will. Cale likes to kick them around. I love the way they look but I think we need new couches and a new coffee table now. Heehee. Hopefully my husband will think so too.
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Blogger Jennifer said...

I LOVE your appliqued sweatshirt! I really need to start thinking outside the box and adding my own personal flare to clothes. Nice job!

6:10 PM  

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